Final File

You might be curious to know what is needed in your file for the PPAC.  You will need to gather a majority of these same items for entrance to professional school regardless of whether you go through the PPAC process or not.


Remember, you are REQUIRED to meet with the Pre-Health Advisor to start this file, but here is a list of what you are looking to work on gathering:


  • Transcript of scores from UAH (this will include your GPA and BCPM GPA)
  • Transcripts of any schools attended outside of UAH (any place you took a college level class or expected college level credit for this class at some point)
  • Entrance exam scores (MCAT, GRE, etc)
  • Personal Data Sheet (Can be received by Pre-Health Advisor, this will need to include your ACT score)
  • List of schools applying to
  • 3 Faculty Reference Letters
  • 2 Character Reference Letters
  • 2 Pre-PPAC Interview Evaluations
  • Resume (required to be proofread twice, once by Pre-Health Advisor)
  • Personal Statement (required to be proofread twice, once by Pre-Health Advisor)
  • 2x2 Professional Photo (Professional just means not something from Facebook)
  • Proof (meaning the date of) meeting with the Chair of the Board before your PPAC Date
  • Proof (meaning the date of) resume and personal statement proofread and when mock interview conducted

You can start working on some of these items now, but remember, in order to start a file, you MUST meet with the advisor.  It is advisable to meet with the January before deciding to apply to professional school.