It is REQUIRED to meet with the Pre-Health Advisor to start this file, but here is a list of some of what you will be gathering:

  • Orientation Session (Required to attend to open file)
  • Transcripts of any schools attended outside of UAH (any place you took a college level class or expected college level credit for this class at some point)
  • Entrance exam scores (MCAT, GRE, etc)
  • Waiver Forms (can be received from Advisor)
  • Please read section on Letters of Recommendation:
    • 3 Faculty Reference Letters
    • 2 Character Reference Letters
    • 1 Pre-PPAC Interview Evaluations
  • Resume (required to be proofread)
  • Personal Statement (required to be proofread)

You can start working on some of these items now, but remember, in order to start a file, you MUST meet with the advisor.

It is advisable to meet with the Pre-Health Advisor no later than the January before deciding to apply to professional school.