About the PPAC

Pre-Professional Advisory Committee (PPAC)

What is the PPAC?

The PPAC is a group of people who have knowledge and an understanding of what it takes to be successful in professional health schools. They are made up of various people and professionals who can give advice, guidance, and ultimately, a decision, on whether or not a recommendation letter should be written on your behalf to attend the professional school of your choice.

Who makes up the Board?

The PPAC is made up of various faculty, staff, and community health professionals who have been appointed and serve on the board to meet and discuss potential pre-health candidates seeking a committee letter of recommendation.

We make sure to appoint various faculty to represent UAH and various community health professionals to represent a wide variety of health related careers.

Because the list of who serves on the board can often change, you find out who serves on the board during your Jan/Spring PPAC meeting during the Spring before the summer you plan on applying to the professional schools of your choice.

What does the Board do?

The Board is very important when it comes time for you to apply to the schools of your choice. If you go through our process, you will need to interview with them, and if they approve, they will write a letter a recommendation for you to submit to the Central Application Service for your professional field.

Be sure to read about our process and become familiar with your responsibilities and when to meet with your Pre-Health Advisor.

Any questions, please address them with your Pre-Health Advisor.