Have a unique area of interest? We have a degree for you.

A UAH undergraduate who discovers that his or her interests don't coincide with one of the departmental majors in the College of Science may propose an individualized science major with a program of study appropriate for educational and career goals.

The student will need a clear concept of what his or her college degree is to accomplish. The primary objective of the program is to encourage students to think deeply about their career goals and make it possible for them to tailor their education to those goals. A second objective is to ensure that graduates of the program acquire a solid understanding, at the undergraduate level, of an interdisciplinary area of science or mathematics.  A third objective is to allow students to stay abreast of changes in the employment marketplace for science and mathematics graduates. Some examples of individualized science majors are biochemistry, biophysics, mathematical biology, astrophysical modeling, computational chemistry, environmentally sustainable systems, climate change, medical physics, and many others.

The IBS degree consists of courses offered through the departments of the College of Science and other University departments.  Every individualized degree with be built around a core of seven classes from an existing major in the College of Science. A list of cores is available from the College of Science office as well as the College web site.

The core plus courses from no more than three other departments (disciplines), not counting honors seminars, will account for a minimum of 54 credit hours. The course work in the additional disciplines will range from a low of 7 courses to a high of 11 courses depending on the number of credit hours for the selected courses.

A student must have earned at least 32 semester hours at UAHuntsville, with a grade point average of at least 3.0, before being admitted to the individualized major.  However, the student must be admitted to the program no later than the first semester of the junior year.  The student will work with a faculty mentor to develop a proposal consisting of an essay clearly explaining the area of intellectual focus, a statement of why the student requires an individualized science major in preference to a traditional major, a discussion of how the proposed coursework relates to the central focus of the program of study, and a description of the student's goals beyond the bachelor's degree. Application forms are available in the College of Science office, as well as the College website.