Staff Team of Excellence

CSautterMr. F. Chris Sautter
Managing Director

Areas of Expertise:
Condition based maintenance
Integrating sensors into maintenance
Serialized item management assets
Reliability standards
DoD UID policy

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MGauldinMark Gauldin
Lab Manager

Areas of Expertise:
Program Management
Design of Experiments to meet
testing criteria
Digital Electrical Design
Technical Management
Environmental Testing Management,
Training and Execution

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BWesselsDr. Bill Wessels, PE CRE
Technical Director

Areas of Expertise:
Reliability system integration
Reliability-centered maintenance, RCM
Probabilistic risk assessment, PRA
Interference theory applied to component
wear out

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BCarswellBill Carswell, Ph.D., PMP
Research Scientist

Areas of Expertise:

25 years project management experience in academic, government contracting and commercial environments in organizations large and small
Academic Coordinator for Energy Huntsville
4 years experience in new product development and business development
Types of projects managed include
o End-to-end border security (C2) system design, development, prototype, test, installation, training and acceptance
o Renewable power systems development and installation

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GDoud Greg Doud
Research Institute

Areas of Expertise:
Manufacturing and testing of composite
Project Management
Lead Engineer on materials research
Manufacture of specialty composites
Failure Analysis Procedures

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HBrayHunter Bray
Research Institute

PMarshallPaul Marshall
Research Institute

KMorrisKari Morris
Research Institute

Areas of Expertise:
Software Development
Test Engineering

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DSillivantDaniel Sillivant
Research Institute

Areas of Expertise:
Availability Modeling
Reliability Centered Maintenance

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