Student or representative is responsible for obtaining and submitting all the necessary documents.

Step 1.
Request 1. official transcripts and/or 2. diploma. Forms must be submitted to Charger Central

Notes: 1.It takes approximately one business day for official transcripts to be processed. Do not open sealed envelope; the notary will do this for you. 2.It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for a diploma to arrive from our vendor. 

Step 2.
Official documents must be submitted to Linda Stanley in the University Center, Room 124. She will notarize the official transcripts and/or diploma.

Step 3.
Ms. Stanley will provide a memo, notarizing the University Registrar's signature, for each document submitted.

Step 4.
Student or representative will submit all notarized documents to Probate Judge of Madison County who will authenticate the notary commission.

Step 5.
Student or representative completes Authentication Submittal Form and mails with document(s) to the Alabama Secretary of State in Montgomery. 


Alabama Secretary of State

Hague Convention

Madison County Probate Judge and Circuit Clerk