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PRC-Support Advanced Degree List

Advanced Degree - Thesis

FY 2012

Name Title of Thesis Graduation Date Advisor
J. Carpenter Combustion Instability Automated Acoustic Mode Detection Methodology for a Subscale Combustion Chamber with a Single Injector Summer 2012 Dr. Robert Frederick
T. Taylor Implementing planetary meteor impact craters as high gain radio frequency dish reflector antennas Spring 2012 Dr. D. Brian Landrum
T. McElroy Static testing of a COTS electric UAV motor in an altitude chamber Spring 2012 Dr. D. Brian Landrum
M. Brown Fatigue life variability due to variations in interference fit of steel bushings in 7075-T651 aluminum logs Spring 2012 Dr. Jeff Evans
E. Mattox Carbon dioxide removal system for closed loop atmosphere revitalization, candidate sorbents screening and test results Spring 2012 Dr. Jason Cassibry
D. Casey CDF analysis of combustion instability for a rocket injector Spring 2012 Dr. Kader Frendi
M. Hitt Experimental investigation of cavitation instability through a circular orifice Spring 2012 Dr. Robert Frederick
B. Richman On the method of combustion instability mode determination in a cylindrical chamber and usage with experimental data Spring 2012 Dr. Robert Frederick
A. Penton Determination of a solid propellant's burn rate using a new digital burn rate analysis method Fall 2011 Dr. Robert Frederick
D. Sandlin Direct retroreflective laser strobography shadowgraphs Fall 2011 Dr. Robert Frederick
J. Peugeot A numerical investigation of flow induced vibration in a rocket engine manifold Fall 2011 Dr. Kader Frendi
R. Cortez Initial design process for a pulsed thermonuclear fusion reaction engine Fall 2011 Dr. Jason Cassibry
K. Horn A semi-emperical jet noise model derived using the energy spectrum function Fall 2011 Dr. Babak Shotorban


 FY 2011

Name Title of Thesis Graduation Date Advisor
 A. Fisher Observation of rocket pollution with overhead sensors Summer 2011 Dr. Kader Frendi
M. Dunn A methodology for the uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of turbulence model coefficients Spring 2011 Dr. Kader Frendi
B. Dowell Numerical analysis of a plasmoid thruster Spring 2011 Dr. Jason Cassibry
R. Stough The dynamics of vehicles under solid rocket propulsion Spring 2011 Dr. Nathan Slegers
C. Eberhart High-Pressure Injector Simulation Fall 2010 Dr. Robert Frederick
J. Evans Monte Carlo Assessment of Solid Propellant Burning Rate Measurement Fall 2010 Dr. Robert Frederick
H. Mulkey Development of a Liquid Oxygen Facility for Rocket Engine Injector Performance Testing Fall 2010 Dr. Hugh W. Coleman
Matthew Wilson Evaluation of Hydro-Mechanical Pulsation of Rocket Injector Research Fall 2010 Dr. Marlow D. Moser

 FY 2010

Name Title of Thesis Graduation Date Advisor
John Brooks Evaluating Combustion Instability in a Sub-scale Combustion Experiment with Three Scaling Parameters Summer 2010 Dr. Robert Frederick
B. Sweeney Scaling a Single Element Combustor to Replicate Combustion Instability of a Liquid Rocket Engine Summer 2010 Dr. Robert Frederick
Jason Williams Development of a Hover Test Bed Summer 2010 Dr. Robert Frederick
J.L. Lee Rocket motor segmenting Spring 2010 Dr. Ken Zuo
Bruce Moyland Raindrop Demise in a High Speed Projectile Flowfield Spring 2010 Dr. D. Brian Landrum
R. L. Ikard Experimental Injector Element Stability Characterization and Combustion Imaging Fall 2009  


Advanced Degree - Non-Thesis

FY 2010

Name Degree Graduation Date Advisor
C. Battula Plan II Summer 2010 Dr. Robert A. Frederick, Jr.
Barry R. Billman, Jr. Plan II Summer 2010 Dr. Robert A. Frederick, Jr.
T. A. Dutton Plan II Summer 2010 Dr. Robert A. Frederick, Jr.
Felix Ewere Plan II Summer 2010 Dr. Robert A. Frederick, Jr.
Coby McColgin Plan II Spring 2010 Dr. Jason Cassibry
Seyi Festus Olatoyinbo Plan II Spring 2010 Dr. Robert A. Frederick, Jr.


Propulsion-Related Theses and Dissertations from UAH

  1. AIAA-2015-3724 Status of the Development and Measurement of a Microwave Microplasma Source for Micropropulsion; Dextre, Roberto; 2015 
  2. AIAA-2015-3811. Internal Ballistics Model for a Mixed Hybrid Rocket Motor; Mascaro, Mike; 2015
  3. AIAA-2015-3846 Experimental Study on the Effects of Varying the Impingement Distance of Like-Doublet Injectors; Sweeney, Brian; 2015
  4. AIAA-2015-3857 Simulation of Hemispherical Nozzles for Pulsed Plasma Propulsion Applications; Schillo, Kevin; 2015
  5. AIAA-2015-3859 A Multiphysics Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Model of Erosion in Space-Based Nuclear Fusion Reactor Components; Rodriguez, Mitchell; 2015
  6. AIAA-2015-4038 Testing and Modeling of a Porous Polyethylene Axial-Injection, End-Burning Hybrid Rocket Motor; Hitt, Matthew; 2015
  7. AIAA-2015-4103 An Advanced Digital Cross Correlation Method for Solid Propellant Burning Rate Determination; Jones, Dan; 2015
  8. AIAA-2015-4104 Using Real-Time Radioscopy to Measure the Burning Rate of a Solid Rocket Propellant; Denny, Matthew; 2015
  9. AIAA-2015-4119 Computed Tomography Characterization of a Porous Hybrid Motor Grain; Buckley, Joseph; 2015
  10. AIAA-2015-4121 Dynamic Calibration and Analysis of Crack Tip Propagation in Energetic Materials using Real-Time Radiography; Butt, Ali; 2015
  11. AIAA-2015-4164 Development and Analysis of a Novel Two-Dimensional Flame Transfer Function; Rani; 2015
  12. AIAA-2015-4005 Non-Invasic Hall Current Distribution Measurement in a Hall Effect Thruster; Mulins; 2015
  13. Determination of a new throttling liquid rocket engine for a mars lander: a thesis,” Betts, Erin,  2011
  14. The dynamics of vehicles under solid rocket propulsion: a thesis; Stough, Robert William; 2011.
  15. Numerical analysis of a plasmoid thruster: a thesis; Dowell, Brittany Anne; 2011.
  16.  Evaluating combustion Instability in a sub-scale combustion experiment with three scaling parameters: a thesis, Brooks, John; 2010.
  17. Development of a liquid oxygen facility for rocket engine injector performance testing: a thesis; Mulkey, Henry W.; 2010.
  18. The effects of chamber pressure variation on swirl injector atomization: a thesis; Eberhart, Chad Jonathan; 2010.
  19. Scaling a single element combustor to replicate combustion instability modes of a liquid rocket engine: a thesis; Sweeney, Brian A.; 2010.
  20. Numerical optimization of a liquid propellant settling scenario: a thesis; Rojahn, Josh.; 2010.
  21. Cold flow simulation of vortex shedding in a segmented solid rocket motor : a thesis; Durojaye Rasheed. 2010.
  22. Evaluation of hydro-mechanical pulsation for rocket injector research: a thesis; Wilson, Matthew B.; 2010.
  23. Failure analysis of braided u-shaped metal bellows flexible hose : a thesis; Pierce, Stephen O., 2010
  24. Accuracy of real time radiography burning rate measurement : a thesis; Olaniyi, Bisola. 2010.
  25. Development of a hover test bed: a thesis; Williams, Jason Alan; 2010.
  26. Raindrop demise in a high-speed projectile flowfiel : a dissertation; Moylan, Bruce Emerson; 2010.
  27. Magnetic field mapping in the plasmoid thruster experiment  a thesis; McColgin, Coby W.; 2010.
  28. Rocket motor segmenting: a thesis; Lee, Jeffrey Lynn; 2010.
  29. Achieving Mars sample return on a single Ares V launch : a thesis; Jones, Ashley; 2010.
  30. Experimental injector element stability characterization and combustion imaging: a thesis; Ikard, Robert LaShawn; 2010.
  31. Thermal characterization tests of the QU tube heat pipe: a thesis; Rao, Parthib R.; 2009.
  32. An investigation of the effect of spring forces on the separation of rocket motor and payload: a thesis; Colbaugh, John; 2009.
  33. Experimental evaluation of regression rates in a hypergolic hybrid motor system: a thesis; Wingard, Zachary Keith; 2009.
  34. Investigations of an innovative combined cycle nozzle: a thesis; Wood, Dustin E.; 2009.
  35. Mode assessment of a single-element shear coaxial injector: a thesis; Huynh, Huy Huu; 2009.
  36. Mission analysis using experimental results from an 8-cm ion thruster: a thesis; Turner, Andre A., Jr.2009.
  37. Characterization of gaseous oxygen and methane injectors under high pressure combustion: a thesis; Saffell, Ryan.2009
  38. Integration of a magnetic bias field coil in a plasmoid thruster : a thesis; Ims, Kjell-Edmund. 2009
  39. A semi-empirical jet noise model derived using the energy spectrum function: a thesis; Owen, Miles.
  40. Tilt mechanism for active roll control: a thesis; Parton, Homer. 2008.
  41. Influence of variable thrust parameters on swirl injector fluid mechanics: a dissertation; Kenny, Robert J.; 2008.
  42. Mixed oxidizer hybrid propulsion system optimization under uncertainty using applied response surface methodology and Monte Carlo simulation: a dissertation; Whitehead, James Joshua; 2008.
  43. Methods of analysis of ultrasonic echoes to determine solid propellant burning rates: a thesis; Marshall, Marcus A.; 2008.
  44. A simulation approach to predicting tactical missile performance with a broken wing: a thesis; Harris, John. 2008.
  45. Experimental investigation of the Qu Tube heat pipe : a thesis; Entrekin, Sean F.; 2008.
  46. Inexpensive flight simulation in an academic environment: a thesis;Piputsitee, Thammanit; 2008.
  47. Laboratory-scale injector instability mode assessment: a thesis; Byrd, Robert E., Jr.; 2008.
  48. Theoretical and computational considerations for an approximation to the medium thrust two-body problem: a dissertation; Adams, Robert B., 2008.
  49. Experimental and analytical development program of the sequential feed system : a thesis; Morton, Christopher. 2008.
  50. Experimental performance characterization of a one megawatt continuous duty arc heater: a thesis; Bukac, Richard. 2008.
  51. Vaporization and shock wave dynamics for impulse generation in laser propulsion: a dissertation Sinko, John; 2008 (physics)
  52. A magnetic and interferometric study of a plasma formed in a conical-theta-pinch : a dissertation Fimognari, Peter Joseph, III; 2007 (physics).
  53. Binary blends of polymer propellants for laser driven constant momentum propulsion : a thesis Hendrickson, Adam Gail; 2007 (physics).
  54. Trajectory reconstruction with a multi-order least squares sliding window (LSSW) filter: a thesis; Farbman, Melissa S., 2007.
  55. A model for turboshaft engine test facility uncertainty analysis : a thesis; Kimbel, James A.; 2007.
  56. Application of response surface methods to characterize missile performance: a thesis;Long, Angela Sheree, 2007.
  57. Lindl-Widner diagrams for plasma liner driven magneto-inertial fusion: a thesis; Thompson, Seth; 2007.
  58. Three dimensional numerical modeling of a diagonal magnetohydrodynamic accelerator: a dissertation; Turner, Matthew William.2007.
  59. Characterization of a cold flow non-axisymmetric supersonic ejector: a dissertation; Lineberry, David M. 2007.
  60. Experimental methodology for measuring combustion and injector coupled responses: a thesis; Cavitt, Ryan C.; 2007.
  61. Feasibility of a guided interceptor: a thesis; Hahn, Philip; 2006.
  62. Design of an air vitiation heater: a thesis; Samuel, Eusebio; 2006.
  63. Modeling of turbulence effects on the heat and mass transfer of evaporating sprays : a dissertation Madhanabharatam, Balasubramanya; 2006.
  64. Validation of aeroelastic rocket nozzle flow separation pressure field model : a thesis ;Smalley, Kurt B.
  65. Examination of Faraday probe measurements and plasma conditions supporting detachment : a thesis Schuettpelz, Branwen M.; 2006.
  66. Development and optimization of a model of behavior of an expander cycle: a thesis; Berthiau, Gregoire B.; 2006.
  67. Reciprocating propellant feed system development program: a thesis; Eddleman, David; 2006.
  68. High pressure ballistic evaluation motor: the development and characterization of the Army ten-pound charge (ATPC) motor: a thesis; Gerards, Amy Brown; 2006.
  69. Demonstration of solid propulsion control through use of pintle technology: a thesis; Davis, Christina; 2006.
  70. Evaluation of heavy fuel engines for small unmanned air vehicles : a thesis; Dolbeer, Christi Hames, 2006.
  71. A two-dimensional cartesian and axisymmetric study of combustion-acoustic interaction : a thesis Hood, Caroline P., 2006.
  72. Absorption-enhanced liquid ablatants for laser propulsion with tea CO* laser: a thesis Sterling, Enrique; 2005 (physics).
  73. Analysis of heat transfer correlations for supercritical hydrogen in regenerative cooling channels : a thesis; Locke, Justin M.. 2005.
  74. Magnetic field penetration and enhanced diffusion in pulsed plasma thrusters : a thesis ;Peters, Brian; 2005.
  75. Combustion instability and the design of a liquid droplet injector: a thesis ;Ellison, L. Renea; 2005.
  76. Water tunnel facility design for external flow visualizations : a thesis; Demaneuf, Olivier; 2005.
  77. Experimental analysis of the high Reynolds number thermal stability test method: a thesis  Emens, Jessica; 2005.
  78. Low earth orbit environmental effects on space tether materials: a thesis  Gittemeier, Keith; 2005.
  79. Developing a standard for the thermal stability of RP-1 fuel: a thesis; Brown, Sarah P.; 2005.
  80. Estimating the uncertainty in thermochemical calculations for oxygen hydrogen combustors: a dissertation; Sims, Joseph David, 2005.
  81. Magnetic field and quadruple Langmuir probe measurements in the plume of the plasmoid thruster: a dissertation; Koelfgen, Syri Jo.; 2005.
  82. Application of response surface method to the design of an air defense intercepto : a thesis; Mullis, James.; 2005.
  83. Flammability limits of hydrogen/oxygen/helium mixtures in confined spaces: a thesis; Villegas, Yvonne C.; 2005.
  84. Hydrocarbon fuel deposition in HiReTS tubes: a thesis; Khodabandeh, Julia Wilson.; 2005.
  85. Time-of-flight study of elementary propellants for ablative laser propulsion : a thesis  Thompson, M. Shane; 2004 (physics).
  86. Analysis of annular plug nozzle performance and thrust vectoring control: a thesis Higdon, Kevin P.; 2005.
  87. Time-resolved imaging for the dynamic study of ablative laser propulsion: a dissertation Lin, Jun.; 2004 (physics).
  88. Modeling of turbulence effect on liquid jet atomization: a dissertation;Trinh, Huu Phuo; 2004.
  89. Launch vehicle propulsion parameter design multiple selection criteria: a dissertation; Shelton, Joey Dewayne; 2004.
  90. Experimental determination of regression rates of mixed hybrid propellants: a thesis; Knox, Lewis Richard; 2004.
  91. Interaction of a premixed flame with an acoustic disturbance: a thesis; Saxena, Aditi; 2004.
  92. Design of a thrust stand for electric thruster: a thesis; Bert, Florence; 2004.
  93. Suppression of the ignition overpressure generated by launch vehicles: a dissertation; Canabal, Francisco, III; 2004.
  94. Numerical modeling studies of a coaxial plasma accelerator as a standoff driver for magnetized target fusion: a dissertation; Cassibry, Jason T.; 2004.
  95. Monte-Carlo computation of turbulent premixed methane/air ignition: a dissertation Carmen, Christina L.; 2004.
  96. Uncertainty analysis on heat transfer correlations for RP-1 fuel in copper tubing : a thesis; Driscoll, Elizabeth; 2004.
  97. Uncertainty analysis of liquid rocket engine ground tests: a thesis; Lineberry, David M.; 2004.
  98. Plasma stability studies of the gasdynamic mirror fusion propulsion experiment : a dissertation; Emrich, William J., Jr., 2004.
  99. Recombination processes in a flowing magnetized plasma : application to ionization energy recovery in the variable specific impulse magnetoplasma rocket (VASIMR : a dissertation; Chavers, Donald Gregory; 2003 (physics)
  100. Development of a nitrous oxide propane combustor: a thesis; Smith, Nathan William Hardin; 2003.
  101. Experimental study of a Hall current plasma accelerator: a dissertation; Li, Zhongmin; 2003.
  102. A study of the possible use of hybrid rocket systems as targets in ballistic missile defense tests: a thesis; Gray, William M., 2002.
  103. Catalyzed thermal decomposition of nitrous oxide with propane/propylene mixtures: a thesis; Madhanabharatam, Balasubramanyam S.; 2002.
  104. Experimental study of plasma energization at magnetic neutral points: a dissertation; Deaconu, Stelu; 2002.
  105. Investigation of plasma injection in water: a dissertation; Matsuura, Soichi; 2002.
  106. An experimental investigation of a non-axisymmetric supersonic cold-flow ejector : a thesis; Smith, Nathanial Timothy; 2002.
  107. Experimental investigation of an ejector scramjet RBCC at mach 4.0 and 6.5 simulated flight conditions: a dissertation; Nelson, Karl William; 2002.
  108. Direct measurement of solid propellant pressure-coupled response functions with ultrasound: a dissertation; Di Salvo, Roberto; 2002.
  109. Inductive measurement of plasma jet electrical conductivity: a thesis; Turner, Matthew W.; 2001.
  110. Uncertainties in nozzle heat flux and hot gas wall temperatures: a thesis; Shelton, Joey Dewayne; 2001.
  111. Advanced solar and laser sail propulsion concepts for interstellar space travel: a thesis; Taylor, Travis Shane; 2001.
  112. An assessment of microwave generated plasmas for use in magnetohydrodynamic accelerators: a dissertation; Jones, Jonathan E.; 2000.
  113. Hysteresis effects on thrust measurement and its uncertainty : a thesis; Sims, Joseph David.; 200.
  114. Numerical simulation of the regenerative cooling tubes in the 15-K fastrac rocket engine : a thesis; Ibrahim, Zuhair Mahmoud.; 200.
  115. Preliminary analysis of a fusion-powered transatmospheric air breathing vehicle: a thesis; Adams, Robert B.; 2000.
  116. Rocket measurements of the thermal and superthermal electron distributions in the prenoon topside auroral ionosphere and ionospheric cleft : a dissertation; Adrian, Mark Leroy; 2000 (physics).