PRC UAH Strategic Plan 2011-2015

September 22, 2011


PRC connects the Academic Research community with Industry & Government to advance basic science and technology development related to propulsion and energy.

Strategic Vision

The PRC will be a major generator of talent and innovative solutions in propulsion and energy related technologies.

PRC Background

  • Eighteen years experience in propulsion and related technologies
  • Over $18M of fundamental and applied research
  • Over 120 U.S. graduates working in aerospace
  • Numerous awards from AIAA, NASA, DOD, Academia:
  • AFRL, NASA, DOD, DOE, DARPA, JAXA, SMDC, Allied Aerospace, Aerojet, ASI,
    Barber Nichols, Boeing, CFDRC, ERC, Hyper V, Jacobs, Luna Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Metacomp, Optechnology, Orbitec, Orion, Perkins Technical Services, Streamline Automation, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Qualis, Streamline Automation, 3- D Technologies, University of Maryland, and others

PRC Strategic Plan Final

UAH Solid Propellant Characterization

September 22, 2011

One of the main properties of solid propellants that must be known before a solid propellant design can be implemented into any use is the burning rate law. The objective of this works is to investigate the temperature sensitivity as a function of pressure for a composite propellant. An ultrasonic pulse-echo device measured the burning rate of 20-gram samples in a closed bomb at pressures from 250 to 3,000 pounds per square inch. Repeated tests show sample-to-sample variations in the burning rate measurements. The standard deviation of burning rates at a reference condition ranged from 0.4% to 0.6% at initial propellant temperatures of 145oF and 75oF respectively.

AIAA - UAH Solid Propellant Characterization