The Propulsion Research Center has over 20,000 feet of laboratory space located on the UAHuntsville campus primarily in the Johnson Research Center. The facilities are designed for providing both basic and applied research in aerospace-related technologies. The Propulsion Test Facility has two hot-fire test cells for rocket and air-breathing propulsion testing. The High Pressure Lab includes a high pressure solids combustion lab.

Johnson Research Center houses a high pressure spray laboratory and a vacuum environment chamber. An advanced propulsion laboratory and a solar laboratory are also on hand. Additionally, the PRC is renovating the Johnson Research Center to add a state-of-the-art Propulsion Conference Center for teaching, training, and hosting symposiums. A full description of the Facilities Usage Policy can be found here

Main Office Location

5000 Technology Dr., Room S226

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Johnson Research Center

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University of Alabama in Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama

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