October 18, 2013
Eminent Scholar in Propulsion Nominations/ Applicants Requested
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA IN HUNTSVILLE (UAH): The College of Engineering at the
University of Alabama in Huntsville invites nominations and applications for a prestigious
position of Eminent Scholar in Propulsion. The successful candidate must be an internationally 
known researcher in the area of Aerospace Propulsion or Aerospace Propulsion Systems and 
must be interested in continuing to make an impact on this field, which will continue to be a 
critical research area at UAH. The College of Engineering in conjunction with the UAH 
Propulsion Research Center is building a team of faculty and students engaged in (1) 
Propellants and Energetics; (2) Aerospace Propulsion Systems; and (3) Fusion and Plasma 
A Position Description is on the College of Engineering Website.