Postbaccalaureate Programs

Postbaccalaureate Programs for Pre-Professional students vary in nature, each with their own focus and student population. Think about what you are looking for in your own postbaccalaureate education.

Changing Careers

Some programs are focused for those needing or desiring to change career paths. These individuals may not yet completed the required science courses needed for application to their school of choice.

Enhancing Current Application

Some students may desire to improve or enhance a current application. These students have taken most, or at least some, of the required courses already.

Students may want or need to increase their GPA to increase the competitiveness, or take a class over again to increase a grade. They may want to take further studies in a subject matter to increase their knowledge in that area.


Some programs are focused specifically to guide and help those from currently underrepresented groups or from disadvantaged backgrounds in addition to changing careers or enhancing their current application.


For a listing of medical postbaccalaureate programs, visit AAMC's searchable database.

The rotating brochure holder outside of the Office of Pre-Professional Advising provides flyers, brochures, and information on Post-Bacc programs. Feel free to browse and take what you need!