Effective Supervision Certificate

Enhance your leadership style and supervision skills.

Supervisors must have more than just technical knowledge in their field. They need the interpersonal skills necessary to manage a diverse workforce, coach and mentor employees to perform to their potential, and learn the balance of delegating versus doing. They must know how to manage conflict, use the performance appraisal process as a means to improve and maximize employee performance, and much more. The Effective Supervision Certificate provides new supervisors or existing managers with the essential skills and tools needed to strengthen supervisory abilities - giving you, your team, and your organization the competitive edge necessary to succeed.

    Gain Insight in Key Program Areas, Such As:
  • Developing your Supervisory Style
  • Planning for Results
  • Communication Models
  • The Impact of Change
  • Managing Stress and Conflict
  • Decision Making
  • Coaching and Delegating
  • Application on the Job

The three courses in the program cover the essentials needed to transition from an excellent performer to a competent supervisor. Combined, they allow supervisors and potential supervisors the opportunity to integrate skills and techniques that consistently produce desired results.

Certificate awarded after completion of the following courses:

Effective Supervision Certificate Certificate Courses