Applied Systems Engineering Certificate

Increasingly, engineers are asked to integrate subsystems and processes across an enterprise or organization, and doing so requires a set of tools, techniques, and skills in systems engineering. Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field in which a client's needs are analyzed and approached in a methodical system that is refined until it meets established goals. It is a well-developed body of knowledge, techniques, and methodologies in general use throughout technically complex organizations. All aspects of the systems engineering process – from initial requirements development to analysis, risk assessment, test and verification – must be carefully planned and executed.

Systems engineers are called upon to transform customer requirements into large coordinated projects that deliver solutions. The real-world practitioners who instruct in our certificate program will arm you with the core processes, techniques and tactics required to be an effective systems engineer. In the Applied Systems Engineering Certificate program, you will delve deeply into each of the main areas of systems engineering,learning to interpret client requirements, evaluate alternative paths, develop and test systems models and validate and verify system efficacy.

If you are currently employed in the field of engineering, this certificate offers an opportunity to gain skill sets important for advancement. The Applied Systems Engineering Certificate Program, provides practical experience in interpreting client needs, maintaining efficient project management and mastering engineering processes.

Developed with an Advisory Committee composed of senior practitioners at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, the Space and Missile Defense Command, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, academia, and private industry, the program offers you the opportunity to learn from the most respected industry experts.

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Certificate awarded after completion of the following:

Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in a technical field or equivalent experience.

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