International Traffic in Arms Regulations Overview

ITAR Overview provides information to those who have questions about what "ITAR Compliant" means, who needs to register, and how does the ITAR apply to your organization or activities. Non-compliance with these export regulations can result in significant penalties for your organization. Examples of exported products affected by the regulations include, but are not limited to, commodities, articles, technical data, software programs, firearms, military explosives, aircraft and parts, and protective clothing. Program co-sponsored by the North Alabama International Trade Association (NAITA); NAITA member discount applies.

    Topics Include:
  • Commodity jurisdiction
  • Violations and penalties
  • Defense articles and services
  • Which regulations apply to your export
  • Your company's responsibilities
  • Shipping and reporting requirements
  • Registration, licensing, and record keeping
  • Immigration and Customs enforcement
  • Which companies and what products are subject to ITAR

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