Integrated Baseline Review Preparation and Execution

Many government contracts contain a requirement for an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR). But why does this requirement exist and to whom does it apply? How do you prepare for an IBR? For those involved in an IBR, what are the participant's roles? How and when should an IBR be conducted? What are the possible results? How are the results of an IBR dispositioned? In this course, we will answer these questions and many more. This course is helpful for those who are being newly introduced to the IBR requirement, as well as serving as a refresher course for those who may have experience in this area.

    What You Will Learn:
  • The IBR Requirement, Objectives, and Benefits
  • An IBR Process Overview
  • IBR Need Assessment
  • IBR Preparation including guidance, review content, entrance and exit criteria, and training
  • IBR Team Members and Roles
  • Risk and Opportunities
  • IBR Execution including agenda, discussions, and results
  • IBR Closeout
  • BONUS - Pre-award IBR Guidance and Process

Available Sessions