Effective Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are most critical to your individual and organization's image. You need to be able to speak, present and communicate with poise, power, and persuasion. Begin by establishing the objectives of your message and narrowing down to the key points you want to leave with your audience. Learn to organize your presentation and to perfect your delivery style by opening with impact, creating a positive first impression and closing with power for a lasting image. Also discover how to overcome anxiety, choose dynamic presentation aides, and respond professionally to your audience. Both your initial and refined course presentations will be provided to you on CD for continued reference.

    Effective Presentation Skills Will Help You:
  • Plan your presentations, turning thoughts and ideas into compelling presentations.
  • Learn and practice techniques to engage, motivate, persuade, teach, and entertain.
  • Understand communicative practices, such as listening and language use, to better understand messages from others in the workplace and perfect your own communication skills.
  • Gain public speaking confidence, cut prep time, reduce stress, and perfect delivery style.

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