Leadership: Beyond Ordinary to Extraordinary

Take your leadership approach beyond the ordinary to extraordinary. During highly interactive sessions over two days, you will clarify who you are as a leader and how to communicate your vision. Activities include assessing the strengths and challenges of your interpersonal style. You will learn techniques to improve your communication and feedback skills. As a participant, you create an action plan to identify areas you wish to improve and how to initiate those improvements. As exercises evolve, you will learn and apply techniques in leadership that can ensure that you and your teams' "best gets better".

Who can benefit from this powerful experience:
Individuals wanting to take their leadership capability to new levels of effectiveness. Executive and mid-level managers, project and program managers, and others seeking to take on leadership roles in their organizations.

    Takeaways Include:
  • The Power of Reflection, Journaling
  • What's your style? See how your "style" operates, impacts and facilitates with other styles
  • Communications and feedback - it works if you work it
  • Effective leaders and values
  • Action planning: "getting what you need"
  • Navigating hurdles
  • Decision-making - building a 10-day survival list
  • Four expectations teams have of leaders
  • Three critical questions to ask and answer before launching a team on a mission
  • Ending meetings effectively
  • The 2 reasons for stress and solving the trust equation
  • Trust building behaviors in the workplace
  • Making this work back at your office
  • Specific techniques for leaders

Available Sessions
Course not available for public enrollment at this time.
To schedule for your organization, contact Customized Training