Corporate Mentoring Program
Recruiting employees who seem 'to fit' the culture, is only a small first step in developing an employee who becomes a vital part of their team. Some skills can be communicated through functional training. Yet for the highest return on investment, ongoing development of employee potential is further guided beyond institutionalized training programs. Corporate mentoring programs play a critical role in preparing the employee in the truest sense.

Using the Birkman Method Coaching tool, a certified instructor provides executive mentors and human resource professionals a powerful tool for employee development. The objective of the program is to identify and equip employees (mentors) who wish to "pass the torch" to younger employees (mentees) with skills to improve their effectiveness in their organizational culture.

The program is best implemented within a single organization over a period of a year. It begins with a joint session for mentors and mentees. Beginning with joint sessions to define goals and objectives, assignments are provided for the following quarter. At the end of each three months, follow-on sessions are held for mentors and mentees independently and as a group. There are three follow-on sessions with the final session including an extensive wrap-up review and roadmap for the future.

    Program guidelines:
  • Management and mentored employee requirements
  • Mentoring processes
  • Developing clear expectations
  • Multiple progress assessment reviews
  • Roadmap forward

Course consists of 32 instructional hours.

Available Sessions
Course not available for public enrollment at this time.
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