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Web Development Specialist

Build a program suited to your career needs.

For successful business today, presenting a web presence is not enough; you must be able to utilize the most effective technologies for conducting business-to-business transactions and searching and managing data.

Our newest program structure lets you acquire the understanding and skill base of basic technologies that integrate the Web browser and server into an organization's application environment.

The program begins with two required courses in HTML and JavaScript, to ground you in creating interactive and dynamic web pages. Then choose two electives to focus your certificate program. You may choose any of the four approved electives or focus your study to web design or web programming by choosing electives from the optional tracks.

Many of the courses in the Web Development Specialist Certificate Program are also contained in other certificate programs, giving you the added benefit of cross-program flexibility.

Certificate awarded after completion of two core courses and two electives:

Core Courses:
Elective Courses - choose any two:
    Combined Track
  • Choose one course from each of the Design and Programming Tracks.
Web Development Specialist Certificate Courses