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Pro/ENGINEER Certificate

Master Wildfire, the latest Pro/ENGINEER revision, and your solid model data output is unlimited.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to: understand and use the Pro/E menu and views utilizing the Wildfire format, use Pro/E as a parametric and feature-based modeling tool, create detailed engineering drawings and build parts, and create assemblies.

This hands-on certificate program includes real-world examples of Pro/E implementations in the design and manufacturing processes.

The program is designed for engineers who need Pro/E for concept/data design/detail drawings, vendors who need Pro/E experience in order to process design files from clients, draftsmen with 2D CAD background but no Pro/E experience, and engineers who want to improve their Pro/E efficiency.

Certificate awarded after completion of the following courses:

Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in engineering, science, mathematics, computer science, a closely allied field, or equivalent experience.
Pro/ENGINEER Certificate Courses