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Java Programming Advanced Features

Learn to leverage the power of Java for developing client/server applications. Address the needs of intranet and internet applications, including database connectivity, reusable components, professional user interfaces, and distributed computing in this hands-on course. You will start by learning how to access databases using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Gain proficiency with the Java JDBC API and create sample applications to demonstrate its use. Next you will move on to client/server programming using both raw network sockets and the more powerful RMI (Remote Method Invocation) system. You will learn how to develop web pages using Java servlets and JSP pages. You will learn how to create multi-threaded applications and interface with non-Java (native) code, among other advanced topics. Learn how to use the Java Swing and AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit) frameworks to create applications that are both attractive and feature rich. The best part is once you have created your Java application, it will be able to run on any operating system with Java support, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

    Topics Include:
  • Core concepts for GUI applications
  • GUI classes and JavaBeans technology
  • Menus, toolbars and using layout managers
  • Working with dialog and message boxes
  • Handling mouse, keyboard, and other events
  • Accessing databases using JDBC
  • Sockets
  • Low-level networking classes
  • Client/server programming with RMI
  • Web development with servlets
  • Embedding Java inside HTML with JSP

Intro to Java programming or equivalent experience.

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