Information Technology

Service Oriented Architecture: Business Benefits
You will benefit from an overview of the business benefits and advantages of implementing a Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Focus on understanding how SOA gives existing systems the flexibility and agility to respond to a business environment which is changing rapidly. Learn how businesses and governments capitalize on opportunity by becoming more agile, driving cost reductions, boosting return on investment, lowering maintenance costs, enhancing architectural flexibility and lowering integration costs. To enhance your experience, a brief introduction to IT architecture concepts and methods provides participants with the best ability to identify what their organization IT architecture offers toward SOA implementation.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

    Define and describe Service Oriented Architecture:
  • SOA is a concept with guidelines, rather than a specific product or strict decision trees
  • Understand how it applies to different situations
  • Determine if SOA is right for your organization:
  • Lead an evaluation effort
  • Determine if, where, and when it can be used successfully

Who should attend? Professionals looking to evaluate, implement, and understand Service Oriented Architecture; its impact on business processes; and its advantages/disadvantages versus other methodologies.

Familiarity with your company's IT practices and general methodology.

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