Information Technology

PHP Programming Essentials
PHP is a powerful scripting language designed to produce dynamic web pages from the web server without excessive processing needs. PHP is the mostly widely used web server programming language and is used by some of the biggest names including IBM, Oracle, Intel, Red Hat, NASA, and the Department of Defense. PHP forms the basis for many of the most popular content management systems including Drupal,WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine/CodeIgniter, and others. Participate in hands-on lab exercises to develop your PHP programming ability. Learn the basics of PHP language such as functions, variables, arrays, and objects. Understand secure interactions with relational databases and generating dynamic data. Benefit from a quick reference to PHP core functions and standard extensions.

    Topics Include:
  • Learning language structure, data types, and variables
  • Simplifying programs with functions and objects
  • Working with databases
  • Developing secure applications
  • Understanding PHP built-in modules

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