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Adobe Photoshop Essentials

Give your presentation that polished look with photographs and graphics, using Adobe Photoshop CS6, the industry standard. Learn to create and edit your own digital graphics and photographs. Explore the Photoshop interface and tools for selecting and optimizing images. Hands-on labs examine color and resolution, layers, vector drawing, typography, and photographic restoration and retouching. Photographers, web and print designers, and others benefit from challenging practical exercises that build their image manipulation skills.

    Topics Include:
  • Selecting the best tool for the job
  • Navigating and configuring the interface
  • Resolving color and resolution issues
  • Optimizing images
  • Working with layers for added control
  • Drawing vector geometric shapes
  • Eliminating dust, scratches, and distracting objects
  • Retouching and repairing

Some experience with Microsoft Windows is recommended.

Available Sessions