Information Technology

Introduction to UML

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the de facto standard method of diagramming software systems. Learn about uses of the language and how it provides an industry wide system useful to document and clarify the design of object-oriented software. Explore use cases, conceptual models, sequence, activity, and class diagrams. Discover the ease in applying UML in an Object-oriented analysis (OOA) method to describe an existing system or showcase a planned system. UML is particularly useful for programming and applications, where systems become very complex. It can be applied to any type of system, or system of systems, to easily delineate dependencies and show areas which may produce single point failures. UML captures the individual objects' attributes and the interactions between them. It helps clarify their behavior, giving an ultimate end-to-end view of any system.

    Topics iIclude:
  • UML, object-oriented concepts, and software engineering
  • Use cases
  • Class diagrams
  • Sequence and activity diagrams
  • Package and deployment diagrams
  • State machine diagrams
  • Communication, object, and component diagrams
  • Collaborations, interaction overview and timing diagrams

Course consists of 20 instructional hours.

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