Information Technology

Design Patterns in ASP.NET

This course builds on the foundations of the previous two program courses. You will learn and paractice how to apply best practices and design patterns to your web applications. You will explore the how-to's of creating a loosely-coupled, highly cohesive web application design that is both easier to maintain and enhance. During the classes, explore a professional-level case study demonstrating how to effictively use design patterns and principles in a real website.

Who Should Attend:
Web application developers and architects who need to create enterprise-level web sites using the latest proven best practices and techniques for n-Tier systems.

    Topics Include:
  • Improving your code with the Gang of Four, Fowler's Enterprise and S.O.L.I.D. design principles
  • Layering an ASP.NET application to clearly separate responsibilities
  • Explore AJAX patterns using JQuery, JSON and WCF Messaging
  • Using the MVC, MVP and Front Controller patterns to separate the user experience from the presentation layer

Programming with Visual Studio .NET and Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET or equivalent expericence.

Available Sessions
Course not available for public enrollment at this time.
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