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Costpoint General Ledger and Month End

During this two-day instructor-led class, we focus on the ongoing maintenance of the General Ledger in addition to the procedure for "closing the books" at the end of the accounting period. Hands-on exercises initially concentrate on maintaining the account and org, and the creation of new financial statements. We then examine the process for creating standard recurring journal entries. We review a checklist of activities to execute during the month end, and then focus on 12 core reconciliation routines that should occur to ensure a successful closing of the books. Additionally, we examine some of the key underlying tables in the system, concentrating on Costpoint's duality of the General Ledger and Project Ledger. This is an instructor-led class held at a state-of-the-art learning facility.

Registration Deadline: Participants must be registered at least two (2) weeks prior to course start date.

Costpoint User Fundamentals

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