Information Technology

Oracle Fundamentals
Gain a thorough grounding in technologies and concepts of the latest version of the Oracle Relational Database Management Server. Novice or experienced users acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to increase their Database Administrator productivity. Develop understanding of relational, object-relational, and object-oriented databases and Structured Query Language (SQL) methodologies. Hands-on lab exercises reinforce fundamentals such as creating and maintaining database objects and storing, retrieving, and manipulating data.

    Topics Include:
  • Understanding relational database design
  • Using SQL commands within SQL*Plus
  • Creating/altering tables
  • Controlling access to database objects
  • Ensuring data integrity using constraints
  • Writing structured reports using SQL*Plus
  • Select, insert, update, and delete data
  • Creating views
  • Writing efficient subqueries
  • Understanding how to write efficient and effective JOIN relationships

Fundamental experience with PCs and programming concepts.

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