Information Technology

Oracle Database Performance Tuning

You can take your database administration knowledge to the next level, covering topics related to performance tuning and Oracle Database Performance Tuning of the Oracle RDBMS database. Hone your database administrator skill set using the hands-on exercises for ensuring that your database operates efficiently and effectively. Learn the techniques for monitoring the health and status of your database.

    Topics Include:
  • Using performance tuning principles to tune the database
  • Efficiently manage storage
    • Disk drives
    • RAID arrays
  • Memory Tuning queries
    • Understanding the Oracle Optimizer
    • Understanding the Oracle Trace Utility
    • Using Oracle SQL hints
  • Troubleshooting databases
    • Using V$ views
    • Using X$ tables
  • Distributing workload to maximize speed and efficiency
    • Defining effective partitions
    • Defining and implementing good indexing strategies
  • Generate reports
    • Using Oracle's Statspack
    • Using Automatic Workload Repository
  • Monitoring system statistics
    • sar
    • vmstat
    • iostat
  • Working with large structures
    • Oracle Exadata
    • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
    • Prerequisites:
      Oracle Fundamentals and Oracle Database Administration, or equivalent experience

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