Information Technology

Oracle Database Administration

You will gain detailed instruction and hands-on experience in Oracle database administration fundamentals. The course covers topics associated with the latest version of the Oracle Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) server; however, the topics also apply to all versions of the Oracle RDBMS.

    Topics Include:
  • Installing and uninstalling the Oracle Binaries
  • Implementing an efficient and effective database
  • Creating and managing tablespaces and datafiles
  • Managing control files
  • Managing online redo logs and redo log groups
  • Efficiently managing database security
  • Configuring and managing the Oracle network
  • Managing database objects
    • Tables and Constraints
    • Indexes
    • Views
    • Synonyms
    • Sequences
  • Data Dictionary Basics
  • Managing large amounts of data
    • Using partitioning to manage large amounts of data
    • Using Oracle Data Pump to move large amounts of data
    • Transportable tablespaces
    • External tables
    • Materialized views

Oracle Fundamentals or equivalent experience.

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Course not available for public enrollment at this time.
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