Information Technology

Cloud Computing Concepts and Applications

Cloud computing is more than just another IT trend. It is a substantial paradigm that can be leveraged to optimize business operations, solve complex computing problems, lower overall IT expenses and much more. The first step in succeeding with "the cloud" is a solid understanding of cloud computing concepts and usage. Gain a vendor-neutral knowledge of cloud computing and strategically align your business goals with the rapidly changing capabilities of technology. Learn to develop the approaches and strategies necessary, whether consuming or creating cloud products/services, for you and your team to succeed.

    Who should attend:
  • IT practitioners and professionals seeking vendor-neutral cloud computing education
  • IT managers and decision makers requiring clarity of cloud computing business and technology implications
  • Business managers assessing potential economic gains and viability of adopting a cloud-based model
  • Technology architects and developers needing to understand contemporary cloud service and deployment models
    • Topics include:
    • What is "the cloud"?
    • Fundamental concepts, models, and architectures
    • Security management in the cloud
    • ROI: cost and pricing models
    • Why do I care?

    Experience with PCs and computer networks.

    Available Sessions
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