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CATIA Version 5 Fundamentals

You will learn the fundamentals of CATIA V5 in the most commonly used workbenches including Sketcher, Part Design, Assembly Design, Wireframe and Surface Design and Drafting. Your primary emphasis in the course will be on solid modeling in V5 but you will gain an introduction to wireframe and surface modeling also


On successful completion, you will be able to create and manipulate a wide variety of profile-based solid features, apply complex dress-up features such as fillets and drafts, and perform feature patterning and other transformations. Instruction will include imposing design intent through smart modeling techniques, creating and manipulating product structures while performing assembly level design and producing drawings through generative drafting.

Who should take this course?
Design engineers, tooling engineers, manufacturing engineers and others needing to work with 3D data in CATIA V5.

    Module 1 - Infrastructure and Intro to Sketcher
  • User Interface and Document Management
  • Using Sketcher to Create Profiles
    Module 2 - Sketcher and Intro to Part Design
  • Sketcher Constraints and Operations
  • Sketching in Context of 3D Geometry
  • Creating Profile-Based Solid Features
    Module 3 - Part Design
  • Creating dress-up solid features
  • Application of material in part design
  • Performing operations/transformations on solids
  • Manipulating feature relationships to change design intent
  • Using measure tools in part design
    Module 4 Assembly Design
  • Understanding product design strategies
  • Creating products and structuring components
  • Understanding component positioning
  • Using Assembly Constraints
  • Analyzing Assemblies and Performing Clash Detection
  • Bill of Material Generation
  • Contextual Part Design within Assemblies
    Module 5 - Wireframe & Surfaces and Generative Drafting
  • Creating basic wireframe and surface elements for parts
  • Performing basic wireframe and surface operations
  • Creating solids from surfaces
  • Creating drawings and generating views from 3D
  • Generating dimensions and annotations
  • Finalizing drawings for release

Available Sessions
Course not available for public enrollment at this time.
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