Information Technology

Advanced C++ Programming

Building on your knowledge of basic C++ syntax, you will explore the full capabilities of the standard C++ library. You will learn how to apply the streaming operators in an object-oriented environment, and the proper canonical interface of an object. In next steps, you will practice using object management with smart pointers and reference counting. Discover the power adding of the STL containers and algorithms to your own programs, and dive into the Standard Template Library. At the end of the course, you will explore the power of the Gang of Four OO design patterns and learn to apply them to your own designs.

    What You Will Learn:
  • Polymorphic Streaming Operators
  • The Standard Object Methods
  • Smart Pointers and Reference Counting
  • Strings and Regular Expressions
  • Advanced Templates
  • Standard Template Library: Pairs and Tuples
  • Standard Template Library: Containers and Iterators
  • Standard Template Library: Algorithms
  • Object-Oriented Design Patterns

C++ Programming or equivalent program development experience.

Available Sessions