Information Technology

Introduction to Java Programming

Dive into Java--the world's most popular computer programming language. Through a series of hands-on, instructor led lab exercises you will learn Java syntax and study the structure of a well-written Java program. With the easier to grasp Java syntax, you will learn about interfaces and base classes and objects in general. Cover skills common to all modern programming languages, such as variables, flow-control, pointers, and arrays. Explore the principals of Object-Oriented (OO) Programming and the OO framework libraries available in the Java runtime. During lab exercises, gain hands-on experience with Java development tools and tour the massive Java I/O library, what is available and how to use it. New features explained include how to use the Java collections frameworks and generics, and the I/O library to read and write files.

    What You Will Learn:
  • The Java Environment
  • The virtual machine
  • Structure of a Java program
  • Java Development Tools
  • Java Syntax
  • Language syntax
  • Files, directories, and packages
  • Declaring and initializing variables
  • Declaring and using arrays
  • Flow control
  • Exceptions
  • Object-oriented (OO) programming
  • Designing an OO application step by step
  • Defining classes, fields, and methods
  • Aggregation, composition, and inheritance
  • Overloading and overriding methods
  • The Java Library
  • Streams and File I/O
  • Generics and collections

Fundamental experience with PCs and programming concepts.

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