Test and Evaluation for Systems Development Certificate

Embrace Test and Evaluation Principles for Enhanced Success.

This certificate encompasses the broad spectrum of T&E and how that function provides critical support to the overall system development lifecycle. Interactive exercises reinforcing the development of concise, effective and verifiable requirements mark the beginning of this training. Subject matter experts share their experience and guidance in focusing you on the strengths and avoiding the pitfalls of simple to complex programs. The importance of the integration of activities linking requirements generation and maturation, to the effective and efficient test coordination, consolidation and planning, to data collection and reporting, to eventual system verification and validation is stressed and practiced through engaging and instructive practicums.

In each course, you are taught the detailed use of practical tools, methodologies and approaches. You will participate in hands-on examples to reinforce and solidify their uses and applications. In the current economy, cost effective and design-to-cost principles are essential and will be explored and applied. In addition to its core functions, the use of T&E for trade study support, maturation of new technologies and risk management and reduction is introduced and explored. The integration of T&E functions in the successful completion of the overall systems development is emphasized.

Certificate awarded after successful completion of:

Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in engineering, science, mathematics, computer science, a closely allied field, or equivalent experience.

Test and Evaluation for Systems Development Certificate Courses