Rocket Propulsion Fundamentals

Gain a foundation in the complex factors that shape propulsion systems. Grasp the essentials of propulsion technology through an introduction to common aerospace propulsion systems including rockets, airbreathing, thermal, and electric. The primary focus is rocket propulsion theory and practical design considerations. Solid, liquid and hybrid propulsion system content provides the range of propulsion propellant types and their use considerations. Professionals who are new to the field or need a refresher can benefit from lectures combined with practical exercises reinforcing the learning experience.

    Topics Include:
  • Rocket fundamentals
  • Propulsion design process
  • Thermodynamics and fluid flow
  • Thermochemistry
  • Conceptual design of propulsion systems
  • Monopropellant and cold gas thrusters
  • Liquid rockets
  • Solid rockets
  • Hybrid rockets
  • Nuclear rockets
  • Electric rockets
  • Advanced propulsion systems

Undergraduate degree in a technical field or equivalent experience.

Available Sessions