Requirements Development

Requirements Development learning follows the understanding and development of customer requirements, transforming those requirements to a detailed specification, followed by verification and validation methods to prove the product meets the specification and its intended use by the customer. Participate in interactive exercises to propose requirements as the customer and discuss how others may interpret as the supplier. Learn to create specification language that is unambiguous and plan how the final product will meet requirements through verification and validation.

    Topics Outline:
  • Requirement Types
  • Requirements Planning
  • Understanding the Customer and other Stakeholders
  • Transferring Requirements to a Specification
  • Developing the Specification
  • Requirements Allocation
  • Requirements and Specification Flow-Down
  • Trade Studies
  • Managing Requirements Risk
  • Requirements Testability
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Managing the Specification

Meets requirements for both the Systems Engineering Certificate Program and the Test and Evaluation Certificate Program.

Undergraduate degree in a technical field, project management or equivalent experience.

Available Sessions