Simulink Foundations

Learn to "build" and simulate block diagram representations of dynamic systems using Simulink. Discover its major capabilities and how to design, simulate, implement, and test systems in the Simulink environment. Simulink is a program that runs as a companion to MATLAB and with MATLAB forms a package that serves as a vehicle for modeling dynamic systems. Instead of writing MATLAB code, simply connect the necessary icons together to construct a block diagram. The icons represent possible inputs to the system, parts of the systems, or outputs of the system.

Using Simulink, you model a system graphically, sidestepping much of the nuisance associated with conventional programming. Explore this part of the product family that is used by virtually all large aerospace and automotive companies.

    Topics Include:
  • Hierarchical models
  • Design levels
  • Linear and nonlinear systems
  • Multirate systems
  • Building models as block diagrams
  • Customize and create your own blocks
  • Models in continuous time, sampled time, or a hybrid
  • Block library of sinks, sources, linear and nonlinear components, and connectors

MATLAB or equivalent experience.

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