Test and Evaluation Framework

Explore successful examples of simple to complex testing programs and learn how to apply those practical principles to your program. You will develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of the integrated role that T&E plays in the overall system development process. Learn the framework using the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP). Participate in exercises to develop an effective requirement set and understand their influences on various disciplines. Using concise and thorough techniques, you will gain comprehensive recognition of decomposing broad requirements to lower levels. Gain a thorough working knowledge of how to efficiently intergrate requirements development and focused testing objectives.

    Topics Include:
  • T&E intergration into the overall engineering process
  • Test scope definition development and refinement
  • Cost effective requirements-to-testing integration
  • Effective requirements generation and maturation
  • Significance of technical integration in early requirements refinement
  • T&E and verification and validation (V&V) perspectives of requirements maturation
  • Organization and traceability of requirements
  • Application of design-to-cost principles
  • T&E for trade studies, new technology and risk reduction

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