Test Design, Planning and Execution

Develop a working understanding of the process to convert a mature requirement set into concise and efficient test requirements and test planning approaches. You will participate in exercises that use methodologies capturing and defining the testing scope to meet defined program objectives. To determine the most cost and schedule effective path, you will explore deciphering the nuances of selecting various testing approaches. Benefit from an understanding of the linkage between requirements traceability, test results reporting and the verification and validation (V&V) processes. A general perspective of how test planning and execution helps to achieve overall system development goals.

    Topics Include:
  • Defining operational and developmental testing
  • Coordination, consolidation and sequencing test requirements
  • Integration of test objectives from diverse disciplines
  • Mapping of system requirements to test results
  • Identification of documentation scope to support V&V activities

Undergraduate degree in a technical field, project management, or equivalent experience.

Available Sessions
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