Intermediate Flight Test Principles
Develop understanding of detailed flight testing from an engineering discipline perspective: instrumentation, performance, stability and control, flight control, propulsion, structures, and systems.

Review the principles of flight and aero- and flight-dynamic considerations important to the FTE in conducting testing activity and how aircraft characteristics influence test design, planning, and conduct activity. Develop keener awareness of how test design influences safety and acquiring usable data from production and flight test instrumentation. Understand in detail the differences in discipline testing for military specification and civil certification requirements. Receive an overview of the process and regulations of FAA certification. Learn processes of converting requirements and specifications into flight test activity focusing on data acquisition and reporting.

Topics Include:

  • Learn first flight and envelope expansion methods
  • Creating a first flight test plan
  • Constructing instrumentation requirements for specific maneuvers
  • Writing test cards
  • Planning flight tests and creating test points to meet specific requirements from FAA FAR Part 25 using FAA Advisory Circular 25-7A as a guide
  • Reviewing mishaps in flight tests and their implications
  • Prerequisite: Engineering background and Introduction to Flight Test Engineering or equivalent experience.

    Introduction to Flight Test Engineering or equivalent experience and engineering background.

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