Principles of Radar Technology

Begin your study of radar technology with an overview of basic radar concepts and terms. Then develop fundamental understanding of the radar equation required for radar function, along with several examples of its use in radar system design. Learn about radar propagation issues, basic concepts of radar signal processing, target detection, radar measurements, and radar signatures. Discuss characteristics of "clutter" along with moving target indicator (MTI) and Pulse Doppler techniques for mitigating negative effects of "clutter." Cover introductory concepts of radar search, track, and discrimination. Missile and Air Defense radar missions illustrate concepts.

Topics Include:

  • Radar range equation and sensitivity
    • Understanding the equation
    • Equation applications
    • Variances in the equation
    • Environmental and practical factors affecting use
  • Antenna gain calculations
  • Target Radar Cross Section (RCS)
  • Transmit and receive losses
  • Waveform design and processing / target signature
  • MTI/Pulse Doppler fundamentals
  • Radar detection theory (including calculation of probability)
  • Clutter model generation

Available Sessions