Develop the skills to use MATLAB interactively - using commands to get immediate answers - and as a programming language. Hands-on labs explore writing MATLAB statements and developing a logical plan for problem solving. Focus on MATLAB's powerful application to data analysis, modeling, graphics and programming.

    Topics Include:
  • The MATLAB Environment
  • Using MATLAB interactively and as a programming language
  • Working with data in MATLAB (scalars, vectors, matrices, strings, and structures)
  • File I/O, including interfacing with Excel
  • Linear algebraic operations
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Differential equations
  • Graphics in MATLAB
  • Demo of MATLAB Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's)

Who should attend?
Technical computation analysts and managers, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, financial analysts.

Familiarty with basic computer operations and exposure to programming in any language.

Available Sessions