Advanced Six Degree of Freedom: Simulation & Missile Guidance Control
This advanced course in six degree of freedom (DOF) simulation builds on the basic skills and knowledge and allows participants hands-on experience in a computer lab. The 'Theories" presented will be developed using a series of specially designed computer executed exercises to reinforce the 6-DOF principles. Working with software and programming applications including C and C++, you will build selected missile guidance simulation models, check for functionality, and sweep the aerodynamic tables to ensure the models are correct.

    Topics Include:
  • Aerodynamics
  • Coordinate frames
  • Application of rigid body equations of motion
  • Propagation of coordinate frames
  • Thrust models
  • Target models
  • Basics of control systems
  • Missile airframe transfer functions
  • System integration

Prerequisite: "Six Degree of Freedom (DOF) Simulation and Missile Guidance Control" or similar experience and familiarity with programming languages.

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