Missile Design and Control
Benefit from three days with a recognized national leader in missile system design and guidance control, focusing on high performance missiles' guidance and control, necessary system trades and inherent subsystem interactions. Learn descriptions of the different types and missions of missiles and the characteristics and functionality implied by each. Explore the kinematic behavior of various guidance algorithms and the dynamic behavior of various control approaches. Investigate subsystems and characteristics which manifest the missile design including the aerodynamics, mass properties, propulsion, and warhead. Receive an overview of sensors systems, including RF seekers and Inertial Measurement units, which provide the guidance and control systems their feedback. You will cover the tools for analysis in each of these areas.

This course is valuable for anyone interested in the intricacies and complexities of missile design. Chief engineers and specialized engineers who need to improve their understanding of missile design and the formulation and understanding of trade studies will benefit from this course. Program managers and project leads who need exposure to the multi-disciplinary interactions of subsystems and the tools for design and analysis will improve their knowledge base.

Topics Include:

  • Missiles - What we are trying to design
  • Design approach - How we are going to design it
  • Plant - What we are trying to control
  • Control Systems - How we are able to control
  • Guidance Algorithms - How we get to where we want to go
  • Navigation - How we know where we are
  • Sensors - Measurements for feedback

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