Spacecraft Design

Explore the art and science of spacecraft design with Mike Griffin, UAHuntsville Eminent Scholar and Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Beginning with an overview of basic principles and continuing through a treatment of core space vehicle design disciplines, this course presents the fundamentals of spacecraft design and systems engineering. It is recommended for engineers and scientists who, while they may be specialists in a particular discipline, require a broader background in the overall design and development of space vehicles. Participants receive a copy of Space Vehicle Design (2nd ed.), by Michael D. Griffin and James R. French.

    Topics Include:
  • Overview of spacecraft system engineering and design
  • Astrodynamics
  • Fundamentals of rocket propulsion
  • Atmospheric entry
  • Telemetry, tracking, and command
  • Space vehicle attitude determination and control
  • Space power systems
  • Thermal control
  • Configuration
  • Integration and test

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