Private Pilot Ground School

Whether you are aspiring to an aviation career, or just want to learn the requirements to become a pilot, you will gain a better appreciation and understanding of aviation and piloting airplanes. Prepare to successfully complete the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Private Pilot - Airplane Knowledge Test. Passing this test is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a Private Pilot's license from the FAA. This course is designed in accordance with Part 141 - Pilot Schools Training Requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Cover the twelve federally mandated aeronautical knowledge areas required for private pilot certification. FAA-approved and aviation-industry endorsed curriculum training techniques and materials are used.

The comprehensive Private Pilot Kit is authored by Gleim Aviation, the industry standard in pilot training, and supplemented by in-flight photography and multimedia to reinforce the basic knowledge requirements and examples presented. The Private Pilot kit costs approximately $150 and is available at the UAH or Off Campus Bookstore.

Available Sessions