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Introduction to Ballistic Missile Defense Systems
This introductory course to Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS) gives insight to the doctrine, history, and current Missile Defense Organizations and gives the participant an appreciation as to why the United States continues to lead in the missile defense development arena. Study the several BMDS systems with an overview of the Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD), Aegis, and Patriot weapon systems. Develop an introductory systems-level knowledge of how those systems integrate with sensor systems such as Cobra Dane, AN/TPY-2, and Sea-Based X-Band (SBX) radar and learn the fundamentals of radar operations. Through practical exercises, gain an understanding of the Ballistic Missile Defense Systems weapon, sensor, and communication system integration to defeat a threatening Tactical Ballistic Missile.

    Topics Include:
  • BMD History
  • BMDS Systems
  • Tactical Ballistic Missile Threat
  • BMDS Sensors
  • Organization of AMD
  • AMD Communications
  • Joint and Army Air & Missile Defense (AMD) Doctrine

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