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Introduction to Flight Test Engineering

Gain an introduction to the discipline of flight test engineering. Establish your knowledge of fundamental categories of flight testing: experimental, development, production, certification, and operational. Explore the evolving role of the flight test engineer (FTE) in flight test activity emphasizing research, development, and test and evaluation of present day aircraft. Build a foundational understanding of civil aircraft certification requirements and relevant military specifications. Learn FTE responsibilities and relationships with test pilots; aerodynamic, flight control, performance, propulsion, and systems engineers; and management. Learn fundamental principles of flight test planning, ground testing, the role of simulation, and resource and program management.

    Topics Include:
  • Flight testing from planning and management perspectives
  • Civil and military certification requirements and specifications
  • Flight test safety issues examining risk analysis, envelope expansion, the FAA's flight test safety database and mishap history in flight testing
  • Management perspectives and effective responses
  • Test pilot concerns and appropriate relationship management

Undergraduate degree in a technical field or equivalent experience.

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