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Preparing Responsive Federal Proposals

In highly interactive and document development focused classes, gather techniques in preparing successful proposals. Concentrate on how to develop the various proposal volumes to be clearly responsive to the request for proposal. Take away appreciation for the roles of volume preparers and book bosses. Gain a general roadmap to address the challenges of responsibility and responsiveness. Capitalize on creating "strawman" proposal items when management decides to pursue that effort. Learn the benefits of continuous data gathering and creating requirements-oriented draft responses early in the RFP cycle. Identify information that is best presented through high impact visual and graphic images and how to create them. Combine lecture and practical exercises to understand the realities of actual proposal preparation in a page-limited and time-constrained environment.

Topics Include:

  • Proposal "responsiveness" and bidder "responsibility" definitions
  • "Strawman" proposal opportunities
  • Questions after bid document release
  • Unique requirements for the cost volume
  • For all proposal volumes other than cost
    • Agreement on the required proposal response items
    • Detailed volume outline agreement
    • Writing tips and techniques for typical proposal volumes
    • Inserting helpful graphics tied to key text portions
    • Final steps for an "on time" submittal

Available Sessions
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