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Federal Contract Management Specialization

Explore current topics ranging from the latest revisions in procurement methodologies to Performance Based Acquisition issues. Each topic is explained in terms of its context within the Federal procurement process. Develop knowledge of Government cost or pricing data policies and how they relate to the key concept of Cost Allowability. Examine Cost Accounting Standards policies as defined in the FAR Appendix and the Contract Pricing Reference Guides. Examine the complexities inherent when prime contractors seek value-added work or deliverables from subcontractor sources. Understand principles of subcontract management, subcontractor selection and proposals, teaming agreements and purchase order formation and awards.

    What You Will Learn:
  • Federal Acquisition issues
    • Fixed Price fixations
    • Emphasis on contractor ethics and past performance
    • The transition to the "System for Award Management"
    • Changes in Services Contracting and in payment methodologies
  • Contract Formation
    • Contraction Formation aspects during the Pre-Solicitation phase
    • Structuring based on the Uniform Contract Format (UCF), Contract Type, and/or FAR 52.301 Matrix choices
  • Cost or Pricing Data & Cost Accounting Standards Policies
    • Cost and Pricing elements
    • The linkage between "Cost Allowability" and "Certified Cost or Pricing Data"
    • CAS- related references, definitions, and summaries
    • Policies related to CAS and related accounting disclosure statements
  • Contract Negotiations
    • Contract Pricing Reference Guides (CPRG) and FAR 15.3 guidance
    • Federal Government negotiation practices used in competitive range, sole source, and contract modification negotiations
    • Negotiation skills and techniques that are useful for contractors
  • Principles of Subcontract Management
    • Subcontract formation including flow downs
    • Subcontract acknowledgement and performance issues
    • Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (CPSRs)
  • Financial Management of Federal Contracts
    • Financial liability issues
    • Payment and cash flow scenarios
    • Cost performance aspects
    • Financial adjustments during contract performance

Completion of Federal Contract Management Essentials Certificate or equivalent Federal contract management experience.

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